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Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, & Destination Makeup Artist Anna Mumau


I have a large bridal party. Can you accommodate that?

Absolutely! The size of your bridal party, plus the time frame allotted for beauty services, are considered when determining what help, if any, I need to bring with me on your wedding day. I have a team of assistants plus a roster of additional makeup artists & hair stylists I can secure for your wedding day. And, of course, I will get your approval before securing additional makeup artists & hair stylists, to ensure you like their style. 


Do you travel?

Yes! I am often in all parts of Washington, Idaho, and Montana for weddings. Is your wedding outside the PNW? I'm happy to go there, too!


What do you charge?

All quotes are custom to you and your needs, and depend on things like:

  • how many people require makeup services

  • the wedding location

  • additional package add ons.

For more information, read through the Bridal Services page. To view the complete services guide and get an estimate on services, fill out my contact form here. You'll immediately receive my Bridal Services Guide, that gives an estimate for service costs.


Can you do my mom's makeup?

Absolutely! I offer makeup services for brides, bridesmaids, moms, and flower girls. See the gallery here.


Do you do men's grooming?

Yes - men need pampering (and some TLC), too! I have facial hair clippers, tweezers, moisturizer, beard wax, and can apply undetectable makeup to cover up pesky breakouts, bruises, black eyes (true story!), and sunburns.


Do I need to bring anything with me, when you do my makeup?

No - unless you have a product you're dying to use, have extremely sensitive skin/dermatological allergies, or any specific concerns. I'm happy to thoroughly discuss products & processes beforehand.


What if I forget something, the day of my wedding?

No stress! I have a mini speaker, nail polish remover pads, lens cleaner, single-use eye drops, disposable toothbrushes, floss picks, mints (fresh breath for all the kissy pics!), deodorant wipes, stain remover, a lint roller (brides with pets sigh in relief), straws (so you don't mess up your lip color), nail files... I have everything you need to feel confident and calm on your wedding day.

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